Nicotine and CBD are both compounds produced by plants. Nicotine is extracted from tobacco and CBD from Hemp. Hemp is a legal strain of cannabis that does not get people high, that’s why it’s grown by thousands of farmers in Europe and USA.

This article reviews the main differences between CBD and Nicotine and explains why CBD e-liquids should replace “regular e-liquids” in the coming years.

What is Nicotine?

“A toxic colourless or yellowish oily liquid which is the chief active constituent of tobacco. It acts as a stimulant in small doses.”

Nicotine stimulates the release of dopamine, also known as “Bliss Molecule”, a powerful neurotransmitter playing in the pleasure circuits of the brain. A brain addicted to nicotine constantly craves nicotine so that more dopamine will be released and give it those intense pleasurable sensations again.

Cigarette smoke contains more than 4,000 compounds, many of which are toxic and damage our cells. Included in these compounds are acetone, used in nail polish remover; arsenic, often found in insecticides; benzene, a cancer-causing agent; ammonia, used in dry cleaning; and cadmium, which causes cancer of the liver and kidney and brain damage.

Nicotine is addictive but did you know that:

  • It’s five to 10 times more potent than cocaine or morphine in producing behavioural and psychological effects associated with addiction, according to a report produced by the UK’s Royal College of Physicians in 2007.
  • It can contribute to sleep disorders. It stimulates the nervous system and when taken at nighttime it ensures that the user is alert and awake rather than in deep sleep
  • It binds to an area of the brain known as the adrenal medulla, which increases the flow of adrenaline. This in turn causes increased blood pressure, heart rate and respiration, and these conditions exacerbate existing heart and blood pressure problems.

Electronic cigarettes with nicotine e-liquids have been a popular way to consume it without the toxicity from the smoke. But lately, more and more vapers have been switching from Nicotine to CBD e-liquids.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the most prevalent cannabinoids found in cannabis. CBD is non-toxic and doesn’t have any relevant side effects. Don’t expect to get “high” off of this compound. CBD is not psychotropic and has a very wide range of applications in e-liquids, food, cosmetics…

Because of its non-toxicity and non-psychotropic nature, CBD is becoming the best choice for smokers looking to get into vaporization, and more and more vapers are switching from Nicotine to CBD.


Data taken from Google Trends shows how interest in Cannabidiol has taken over in the last year. And the trend is just starting.

CBD Trend

The best CBD e-liquids use aromas based on terpenes which work in synergy with CBD. Check out our Harmony CBD e-liquids with the most authentic flavours using terpenes.

Legal status

In Europe, nicotine e-liquids fall under the TPD regulation. Other e-liquids like CBD e-liquids are not regulated yet, with the exception of Austria and Luxembourg where they require the same type of registration and testing as nicotine e-liquids. CBD is not a controlled substance and can be used in e-liquids because it does not contain THC.

Harmony is the European Leader of innovative nicotine e-liquids with terpenes (TPD registered) and CBD e-liquids with terpenes. We apply the same quality control for all of the products: emission tests and monthly analysis to ensure the safety of our CBD e-liquids. 

About Clara

Clara is a cannabis enthusiast evolving in the city of Barcelona, a vibrant hub for the European cannabis industry. She believes in free access to cannabinoids, and joined Harmony to spread word of CBD to the world.

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19 thoughts on “CBD vs NICOTINE

  1. Sharine says:

    Huge thanks for the information & your cbd products, discovered cbd a couple of weeks ago & i’m charmed by it. My mom even started too ! people start to understand that nicotine is too dangerous & that we need alternatives. This is really life changing for smokers that spent their whole life doing so

    1. Clara says:

      Huge thanks to you Sharine! It’s great to hear! Send us an email at, we will be happy to send you a little surprise and don’t forget to say hello to your Mum 🙂

    2. Clara says:

      Hello Sharine! Huge thanks for your great comment, it is our greatest motivation 😀 Keep on the good work quitting cigarettes, we believe in you! Have an amazing day and don’t forget to greet your mum for us <3

  2. Mark says:

    Amazing stuff ! CBD is growing so fast, almost becoming mainstream yeaaah 🙂 Thanks for spreading the good news

  3. Lucas says:

    Such good news! With all the data that has been collected on nicotine I don’t understand how it is that people are still using it. CBD really seems like a perfect alternative to it, without all the nasty side effects and the addiction. Lawmakers around the world should really pay attention to the huge difference between the two substances.

    Thank you for the information!

    1. Clara says:

      Hello Lucas! Thank you for your reading and great appreciation 🙂 CBD being non-psychoactive, non-toxic and non-addictive, we also believe more attention should be drowned to it and we are working hard for that 😀 Have a great day <3

  4. Nathan says:

    Hello i am really trying to quit smoking cigarettes two pack’s a day will this help i tried time and time again but cbd never heard of it

    1. Clara says:

      Hello Nathan! Thank you for your interest! CBD has a very wide range of applications, depending on the dosage and system of deliverability. We’ve decided to focus on CBD e-liquids in order to offer a legal and safe e-liquid for cannabis and cigarette smokers because we believe vaporization is better than combustion. Please remember that our products are not intended to treat or cure any condition. Send us a message at, we will be glad to guide your first step in CBD vaporisation 🙂

  5. Maria says:

    Hello!! I’ve been a smoker for more than 10 years now and I am doing my best to quit it. A few days ago, a friend of mine told me about CBD e-liquids and after 5 minutes I was already buying them!! I am waiting for it to arrive tomorrow and I can’t wait! I tried the mango kush already and I love it! Thank you guys for your work!! I’ll spread the word because I truly believe it is a great alternative!! Have a great day!!

    1. Magda says:

      Hi Maria, thank you so much for your kind words! <3 Harmony CBD e-liquids are a great alternative to smoking 🙂 Hope you enjoy them!

  6. These preliminary data, combined with the strong preclinical rationale for use of this compound, suggest CBD to be a potential treatment for nicotine addiction that warrants further exploration.

  7. Skye says:

    It’s all good with changing to cbd instead of nicotine vape juice would love it as only recently gave up smoking, but it’s so expensive just for a tiny bottle when you can get nicotine vape juice for like £3/£4 for the same size bottle!

    1. Susie says:

      Hey! Thanks for reaching out. Some people might feel our products can be a tad pricy. We spent a lot of time and energy into sourcing the highest quality ingredients which can be more expensive than others. Keep an eye out on our site we run lots of promotions that make it a bit more manageable.

  8. Jessica says:

    So, does cbd oil contain nicotine? because I can’t have any in my system for a job related nicotine/ cotinine test

    1. Susie says:

      Hey Jessica! thanks for your comment… Good news our e-liquids don’t contain any nicotine at all.

  9. Chris says:

    How can i vape terpene that i purchases from yourselves and the CBD base, can i add these into an ejuice and vape them???

    1. Susie says:

      Hey Chris! Thanks for reaching out 🙂 Thats a great question, yes you can. But you need to make sure you don’t add more that 3% of the terpenes to your e-liquid.

  10. Michael Werner says:

    I’ve been wanting to try CBD vaping to quit smoking cigarettes. I’m being railroaded about how vaping is worse than actual smoking. Please help me spread the message further and cut all the ignorance out.

    1. Joe Marris says:

      Hi there Michael,

      Thanks so much for writing in.

      We have recently published an article about the ingredients we use to make our liquids and also about the safety of vaping compared to smoking which you can find through this link:

      There has been a lot of news coming out about potentially dangerous additives being added to unregulated cannabis e-liquids in the US. One additive in particular called Vitamin E Acetate keeps coming up, which has been related to some illnesses. Our liquids do not contain any Vitamin E acetate. We’re very diligent when it comes to sourcing all of our ingredients in terms of regulation. We use a mixture of PG, VG, CBD and flavourings (terpenes), all of which have been tested for safety.

      As well as this, recently Public Health England released a study stating that Vaping is 95% safer than smoking cigarettes.

      I hope that helps, but if you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to reach out 🙂

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